About BG Ocala Ranch


Seeing horses grazing on miles of emerald green pastures beneath Spanish Moss-laden oak trees and the warm Florida sunshine, BG Capital Group Chairman Bobby Genovese knew he had found something special.

He quickly grew the spectacular property into one of Ocala’s most sophisticated equestrian experiences and a cherished retreat for Genovese family and friends.

Genovese’s BG Signature family of businesses have also called the ranch home for annual corporate retreats. Partners gladly traded in the boardroom for blue jeans and the luxurious 10,000-square-foot main house and cottages overlooking tranquil horse paddocks and pastures. Horseback riding, hiking and biking in the great outdoors, along with fine wine and cuisine, proved the perfect mix to inspire many of our most innovative businesses and ideas.  Little wonder why it was here Genovese began asking: “Who has more fun than us?”